Our Community

Seeded in our shared experiences and identities, our community is constantly growing. We strive to create spaces for nuestra comunidad to engage in indigenous thought, art and social practices.

Each generation learns from one another through our artistries, studies and spirituality. From our official start in 2018 we have reached out to our communities through art exhibitions, literary readings, poetry recitals, public art performances, political resistance, activism, knowledge sharing workshops and ceremony.

Students, community members, educators and artists who all often embody multiple of these identities, are continuously working towards making Las Maestras Center a shared space for creativity that we have all been looking for. Find the faces of our community down below.

LMC ’18-’19 Spring/Fall/Winter Orientations & Student Exhibitions

Scenes from our quarterly orientation for incoming volunteers and Arnhold fellows. As well as art exhibitions from student fellows.

Elders Gathering

In December, 2018 LMC hosted an Elders Gathering to bring together the younger and older generations. Poet Linda Hogan shared a reading from her book Rounding the Human Corners.

Llanto Colectivo September 2018

Flor y Canto Class 2018-2019